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Exam Anxiety

"I don't have intelligence needed to write the exam, I might fail, what others will think if I get less marks? How parents might react"?


Does these sentences look familiar?


Such negative thoughts or statements about self, create exam anxiety.


What causes this anxiety?


Not studying / not being prepared for the exam is not the only cause of anxiety but negative talks about self also contributes. The following are the effects of this kind of anxiety:



Anger, irritation






Stomach Ache

Pain in The Legs

Tired, Dizzy


So what can we do?


Develop concentration skills


  • Choose one topic, finish it entirely (your brain can focus better & help you perform better)
  • Identify the time when your brain is very active, this helps to focus
  • Sit in a quiet and calm place to avoid distractions.


Some reasoning tips


  • Develop a study time table (weekly & hourly)
  • While revising practice writing
  • Plan your revision & complete it. This gives a sense of achievement.
  • Take a "very short break" when your mind is losing concentration.
  • During study time avoid sitting near television/keeping the mobile nearby/listening to loud
  • music.
  • Follow a regular sleeping pattern. Go to bed at almost the same time during exams.
  • Go to sleep with a relaxed mind.

Practice relaxation techniques like


1. Meditation

2. Deep breathing

3. Listening to low & melodious music

4. Drawing / Painting


Say this to yourself every time:


"I'm brave,

I'm resourceful

I'm a thinker

I've everything I need inside me to cope with the things brilliantly

I won't let my mind to tell me that I can't do because..



Report By

Mrs. Nandini Shivakumar

Student counsellor

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