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Vidya Soudha Kids Curriculum caters to children in the Pre preparatory, Preparatory 1 and Preparatory 2 levels. Research shows that 90% of a child’s brain development takes place within 5 years and at lightning-fast speed. Hence, an age-appropriate curriculum is planned to meet the kids’ cognitive development and focused on holistic approach. Vidya Soudha Kids acquire knowledge, concepts and all kinds of skills required from the active child-centred learning experiences through various activities and the books specifically designed by the expert team of Vidya Soudha Kids. Vidya Soudha Kids follows a unique mixed curriculum of Activity based, Montessori and the rote learning methods. The Key learning areas are:


  • Communication, Language and Literacy skills
  • Pre-math and basic math skills
  • Theme based rhymes and stories
  • General Awareness
  • Aesthetic development
  • Technology
  • Emotional, Personal and Social Development
  • Physical Skills and Well-being

“Providing students with multiple ways to access content improves learning”, Hattie. Hence, Teachers plan their lessons to cater to enhance the Multiple Intelligence amongst the students using a variety of their senses. 


Pre preparatory emphasises on improving the kids physical, personal, emotional, social developments. The alphabet, numbers, pre-math skills and the general awareness topics are all introduced through colourful illustrations. 


Prep 1 students continue with a more complex physical, personal, emotional and social developmental activities along with the introduction of writing Capital & small letters, numbers and words. A new, thoughtfully crafted vital part of English, phonics is introduced. This is a preface to make them all the more powerful with good and perfect English.


 Prep 2 students further sharpen their physical, personal, emotional and social skills along with academic skills like writing cursive letters, letters to words, words to phrases, phrases to sentences, sentences to paragraphs, then comprehending of simple paragraphs.


At the end of Preparatory 2, children are all equipped with the necessary life skills and prepared to step into the threshold of primary school with all new confidence and vigour.


“We cannot build future for our kids, but we can build our kids for the future and that is what Vidya Soudha Kids does.”


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