Kannada Rajyothsava 2018

Kannadada kalarava – celebrating Rajyotsava @ VSPS

We, at Vidya Soudha Public School believe that culture and Heritage is something that remains in the heart and soul of the people’s mind. In our school we put effort to imbibe the values of cultural integrity, in every child’s mind.

Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations at Vidya Soudha was filled with excitement and enthusiasm. At the outset, various in – house competitions such as Pick and speak, creative writing, declamation, debate, Karnatakada savi ruchi – food fiesta, Rasaprashne quiz competition on Karnataka’s rich heritage were conducted. 

A special assembly was conducted and it began with a speech highlighting the history and significance of celebrating Rajyotsava. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the day by singing the state anthem and understood the importance of culture and language.

Cultural program included resonating invocation song which mesmerized the audience. Students performed a vibrant and energetic dance and sang folk songs with great vigor and added colour to the event. Mrs. Padmashree M, the Principal urged to imbibe the cultural richness and asked students to learn about the state’s historical legacy. 

Mrs. Priyanka Singh, the Vice Principal glorified the richness of the language by reciting a magnificent verse in Kannada. The whole program kept the spirit of Kannada alive and celebrated the essence of being a true Kannadiga.

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