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2024-25: Celebrating International Yoga Day & World Music Day

On this awareness day of world music day and yoga day our tiny tots of our Preparatory performed “Yoga Sana”. And sang a melodious song to spread the importance of yoga and music to the world which heals mind, body and soul. They with their blissful heart and tiny steps took an initiative to be a part of it.

At VSPS – the emphasize is on the ‘wholesome development’ of the child promoting the well-being of the body and mind. Thus, Yoga day was celebrated as a means to create awareness among children, teachers and parents. A few simple exercises focusing on body movement, flexibility and concentration were demonstrated. The asana were done in pairs with a teacher and a child.

Little stars also attended show and tell activity of Musical instruments .Musical instruments too are a favourite among kids, right from rattles to drums, pianos, and xylophones. But the world of musical instruments is way vast than what they have known so far. So to make the child musically inclined, we introduced them to some names of musical instruments in English.

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