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2024-25: Report on Environment Day

On June 5th, Vidya Soudha Public School, KIADB, Hassan celebrated Environment Day with great enthusiasm and fervor. The main purpose of the celebration was to spread awareness about the need to protect the environment and the ways to do it.

The celebrations began with a special assembly, where students and teachers spoke about the importance of protecting the environment and the impact of human activities on the planet.

Principal ,Mrs.Mamatha Natesh inaugurated the program by planting the sapling  and addressed the gathering,  with this year theme  of World Environment Day – Land restoration, desertification and drought resilience by emphasizing the need for everyone to take responsibility for preserving the environment.

A cultural event was also organized, featuring performances that highlighted environmental issues. A soulful dance performance dedicated to mother earth , it touched upon the major issues such as excess use of plastic, depletion of Earth etc. The day was marked by various activities and events that aimed to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. In addition, Students donated plant saplings to plant in the school garden and promised to look after it everyday.

Overall, the Environment Day celebrations in our school were a great success, and we hope this will inspire more people to take action towards protecting the environment.

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