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Environment Day 2023-2024

On account of Environment Day, a special Assembly was held on June 5th to spread understanding about the importance of green environment. Nature, the storehouse of all ideas and the mother of all inspirational resources, has inspired poets, painters, musicians and even scientists for centuries. Our environment is the most precious gift of nature. Hence the preservation as well as the protection of our mother nature is the need of the hour. Principal Mrs Mamatha Natesh appreciated the students for displaying their concerns for the environment. Students strived to make their assembly apt by performing various pictorial skits, reciting self composed poems, well focused pledge to keep the surrounding green with quotes for the day and go green songs.

5th June 2023 was celebrated as Green Day as well as Environment day at VSPS KIADB kids in order to help children understand the importance of nature and our responsibility towards it.

We strongly believe that social and environmental sensitization must be done during the early years if we want our children to grow up to be dutiful and dependable. Taking this belief further, we organized Green Day for our Nursery children and made Green Day all about the colour green! We all know nature is green and we thought it would be a fun way for them to learn about the colour as well.

Thus, our teachers displayed a variety of green objects including vegetables, fruits, toys, and plants. Our kids presented green rhyme ,a skit and they dressed up with the good nature friendly messages. We also encouraged everyone to dress up in the colour green to complement the occasion. The classroom was also all green. Teachers engaged them in many activities for the day like coloring , handprint, ..etc

All together the event was done meaningfully .

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