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Field Trip

VSPS PREPARATORY KIADB organised a field trip to the places of worship, i.e… Temple, Church and Mosque. Learning about all religions and cultures of India through field trips is one of our most popular and instructive activities. It plants the seeds of mutual love and respect in little hearts.

The field trip started with the mosque, which is located at Vijaynagar ,where they saw people in prayer. A spiritual advisor has shared some good things about culture, God, and humanity to the kids. Also, distributed servings for us . Kids thanked them and observed the features of Mosque after a quiet prayer.

And then we moved to a nearby church. A priest father spoke with the kids. They lighted the candles as a mark of reverence. The final stop was at  Vijaydurga Temple at Alur taluk. Their volunteers greeted the children and guided us. Children spent a few minutes in silent prayer and then had prasadam with their own snacks .

Back at school, children discussed their experiences in what they had seen on field trip. Another field trip ended happily with the message loud and clear, “Love and Respect all religions.”

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