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International Yoga Day 2021

*International Yoga Day* is a day to spread awareness about the invaluable benefits of yoga for the holistic wellness of humans. Year on year a special theme is announced for the international yoga day the theme for the international yoga day 2021 is ‘ *Yoga for well-being’.* This has been conceived to stress on the importance of the role of yoga in the care and treatment given to covid-19. The implication of the theme ‘ *Yoga for well-being’* is to promote the awareness regarding how the practice of yoga can help to maintain and promote the holistic health of the body mind and spirit of every human. *On 21st june 2021 International Yoga Day was observed in our school. But this year due to the pandemic make the way this day was observed has changed phenomenally. Our teachers have shared information about Yoga day and importance of yoga in our day to day life through online classes and encouraged the children to practice yoga in their everyday life* during this monotonous situation.

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