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Environmental Science topics are made interesting through hands-on-activities in Early Years. At VSPS KIADB, Preparatory students set up their own vegetable and fruit market as a reinforcement to the theme – on Friday, July 27, 2022. Each child brought a fruit and a vegetable which was displayed in a creative way .

Same day we organised fancy dress event also .

Children dressed up as farmer , green grocer , gardener. They had a fun filled experience of selling and buying vegetables and fruits from their peers. They were excited using the weighing scale and pretending to be vegetable and fruit vendors and buyers.

 This occasion was used to reinforce the concept of the healthy benefits of fruits and vegetables. The tiny tots tasted fruit salad and also learned more about the taste, smell, colour and texture of each fruit and vegetable. Children understood the importance of washing the fruits before eating or cooking and about the benefits of eating fresh fruits.

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