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Metric Utsav 2024

Report: Metric Utsav at Vidya Soudha Public School on 2/3/2024.

The Metric Utsav, organized by Vidya Soudha Public School, was a vibrant and educational event aimed at promoting mathematical skills, entrepreneurship, and practical learning among students. The event featured a blend of academic exhibitions, entrepreneurial ventures, and interactive experiences, enriching the educational environment of the school.

The Mathematics Exhibition was the centre piece of the Metric Utsav, where students showcased their understanding of mathematical principles through creative displays, interactive exhibits and engaging demonstrations. The exhibition provided visitors with insights into the practical applications of mathematics in various fields, encouraging them to explore and appreciate the subject beyond the classroom.

In addition to the Mathematics Exhibition, the Metric Utsav featured a variety of stalls set up by the students, including stationeries, toy stalls, and boutiques. Each stall offered a unique selection of products, showcasing the students’ creativity and entrepreneurial flair. From managing inventory to handling transactions, students took on various roles and responsibilities, gaining valuable insights into business operations and customer service.

 Food Stalls at the Metric Utsav provided students with the opportunity to engage in buying and selling activities, offering a range of snacks, beverages, and refreshments. Managed entirely by student volunteers, the food stalls served as a hub of activity where students honed their entrepreneurial skills while catering to the needs of visitors and guests.

Non-participating students also actively engaged in exploring the various stalls and supporting their peers, contributing to the overall success of the Metric Utsav.

The Metric Utsav witnessed the active participation and support of the Mrs. Mamatha Natesh Principal of Vidya Soudha Public School, as well as distinguished guest Dr.RangeGowda, Principal of Vidya Soudha Academy of Management Sciences. Their presence added significance to the event, inspiring students and reinforcing the importance of academic excellence and entrepreneurship in education.

In conclusion, the Metric Utsav was to encourage students to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for mathematics while also nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit. By actively participating in the event, students were given the opportunity to apply mathematical concepts in real-world scenarios and gain hands-on experience in managing a business venture ,the event not only showcased the talents and creativity of the students but also underscored the school’s commitment to holistic education and overall development. Moving forward, initiatives like the Metric Utsav will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping the future leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

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