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Orange colour day

Orange is a dynamic colour that stimulates imagination and creativity.

On 9 September, Orange Colour Day was celebrated at VSPS PREPARATORY KIADB with great zeal and zest. The classrooms were beautifully decorated with orange coloured objects, activities sheets and balloons. The children did many classroom activities using the colour orange as a theme and learnt interesting facts about it.

Our little stars were dressed in shades of vibrant orange colour, shining bright. The Bloomings were asked to bring orange coloured objects for a ‘Show and Tell’ activity. They brought many objects like orange ball, orange, marigold, orange toys and many other orange coloured things. The children spoke wonderful things in “Show and Tell” related to this colour.  The teachers collected the objects from the children and displayed them on a table and taught the names of the objects to the children.

 Students were given a thorough understanding of the colour orange through different activities, such as how to get this secondary colour by mixing two primary colours: red and yellow.

Overall children had a thoughtful day .

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