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Pink Day

On 6th  of January morning, VSPS PREPARATORY KIADB gloomed with pink balloons and the children bloomed and blossomed in different shades of pink to celebrate the pink colour day.

Pink denotes love, beauty, and kindness. To identify the colour pink, the children did the activity like thumb print , cotton dabbing , collage , handprint etc..

The children brought pink colour objects- toys, flowers etc and spoke a few sentences on the objects they were carrying also learnt pink color rhyme. The little ones dressed up in pink, brought vibrancy and vigor to the event and enjoyed to the fullest. The children also learnt to make pink colour by mixing red and white colours and came out with different shades of pink.

Such learning by doing activities gives hands on experience to the children which build confidence and create interest in learning. It was a fun filled day for the little ones.

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