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We, the parents of Anarghya Hegde (2c) And Amogh Hegde (Prep2) writing this in appreciation for the commendable work the school is doing on out kids.

Our kids truly have grown in to independent and free thinking children. They have grown stronger and confident because of the hands on activities of the class, celebrations like Indian Festivals, Grand Parent’s Day and Father’s Day, Outdoor education like visiting Fire Station and Bank and also various competitions conducted in the school. Above all we must mention the efforts of energetic, friendly and dedicated teachers and great mentor, principal Mrs. Padmashree. This is our third year of association with VSPS. What fascinates us in every year the school conducts various competitions and annual prize distribution by giving away Medals and Trophies to motivate the students. Apart from this we have always witnessed mesmerizing Annual day programs with different themes and meticulously handled Parent Teacher Meetings for the betterment of the children.

We feel proud and fortunate for having our kids studying in this fantastic school atmosphere instilling good values and creating beautiful budding stars. 


Vidya Soudha is the unique school which provides the best foundation for my son and for the children in every aspect and promotes the interest of children. The school is very initiative in improving every student’s ability and they have added the program like starting leap start which is very useful in children physical activities. According to the education of school it is very good where students are showing much interest towards their studies. The perfect environment that a student requires. All the teaching staff is polite and very caring about all the students. My son Lekhan now is study in pre-prep1. He is very intelligent and good in his studies where he is very active and likes and enjoys to go to school. He says that my ma’am is my friend not a teacher for that I felt very happy and feel to be a happy parent of vidya soudha. Even they give participation for every parent in cultural activities.   I feel very happy to take part. I thank Principal Ma’am, Rinku ma’am, Chaya Ma’am, and Uma Pratap Mam and all teacher for their love and caring towards my son and children. I say from bottom of my heart that we love Vidya soudha institution and management. Special thanks to My Son’s Class Teacher Rinku ma’am she is such a loving hearted person. Thank you so much ma’am.

Yours faithfully,


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