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Annual Sports Meet 2023-24

:”Unity in motion, strength in numbers!”

The Annual Sports Meet of 2023-24 was held at Vidya Soudha Group of Education in Hassan on December 2nd, 2023. The event was jointly conducted by Vidya Soudha Kids K.R. Puram, Vidya Soudha Kids Vijayanagar, and Vidya Soudha Public School Vijayanagar at the Hassan District Stadium. The atmosphere was filled with zeal, passion, and excitement as the Hassan District Stadium was overflowing with people.

The programme kicked off with the arrival of the Chief Guest Mr. Mahendra Kumar T.R, Rtd Physical Education Director & Rtd Principal of Govt. Arts College, along with Mr. Pavan Manjegowda, Executive Director VSGI, Mrs. Mamtha Natesh, Principal, KIADB Branch, Mr.Parmesh Halgeri, Principal of Vijayanagar Branch, Mrs. Shayista Umme Salma, Center Head, Vidya Soudha Kids K.R.Puram and Mrs. Ayesha Zahara Center Head, Vidya Soudha Kids Vijaynagar. The event started with the hoisting of the flag by the Chief Guest followed by the oath ceremony.

A melodious song was sung by a group of students and teachers to kick off the event. The students showcased their talents with a wide array of energetic events such as the March Past, track events, School drill, and Sports dance. The students’ performances were very impressive, and it brought happiness to the proud parents watching their children perform.

The chief guest addressed the gathering and emphasized the importance of sports in a child’s life. Parents also participated enthusiastically in all the games organized for them. In the end, the Chief Guest and the Dignitaries awarded the medals to the winners of the various sports events. It was a well-spent day watching the tiny tots run, jump, tumble, roll and hop while basking in the warmth of the sun.

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