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VSPU had organised trade fest with the vision “trade to learn”. It is an intra level commerce trade fest held at VSPU campus on 14th September 2019.

It was inaugurated by our honourable chairman Dr. Manje Gowda along with trustees Mrs. Sudha, Mr. Arvind and our beloved Principal Mr.H R Lakshmiprasanna.

Our chairman expressed appreciation for high level participation and also wished a great success to all the teams.

This event encourages the student not only to learn to manage things on their own but also supplement their professional development in understanding the subject involved with better clarity.

Emporia-2019 had 28 teams consist 4 in each team. They had the taste of selling different products using different strategies which had been taught to them.

Overall this event was fruitful, as it nurtured, sparked and made participants to understand the art of business. 

There was a huge participation and encouragement both by parents and students.

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