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Teaching Staff

Vidya Soudha PU College, an ideal place with conducive learning environment, has a team of highly dedicated, motivated, experienced & well trained Professors. Coming from various Institutes of repute, they carry rich experience of training students for Board as well as Entrance examinations. Under the able guidance of Prof. Lakshmi Prasanna as Principal, the team will prepare each student for academic, social and personal success by creating a community of empowered & diverse learners in an atmosphere of mutual respect, understanding & trust.

Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff,2023-24
1Dr. Lakshmiprasanna H RPrincipalM.Sc., M.Phil(Phy)., M.Ed., M.Phil(Edn), PGDHRM.,PhDDept of Physics
2Murali KrishnaSenior Lecturer-PhysicsM.Sc.,Dept of Physics
3Lakshmi NagendranSenior Lecturer-PhysicsM.Sc., M. Phil., B.Ed.Dept of Physics
4Mohammed Saleem USenior Lecturer-PhysicsM.Sc., M.PhilDept of Physics
5Raghu C VLecturer-PhysicsM.Sc, B.EdDept of Physics
6Sheela RLecturer-PhysicsM.Sc.,Dept of Physics
7Ramesh K HHOD-ChemistryM.Sc, B.Ed, M.Phil,Dept of Chemistry
8Krishnarjuna NLecturer-ChemistryM.Sc, B.Ed, SLETDept of Chemistry
9Anand VLecturer-ChemistryM.Sc., B. EdDept of Chemistry
10Sharath Kumar H SLecturer-ChemistryM.Sc., B. EdDept of Chemistry
11Mamata Devendra NaikLecturer-ChemistryM.Sc.,PhDDept of Chemistry
12Vinay H MSenior Lecturer-MathematicsM.Sc., B. EdDept of Maths
13Hemanth Kumar A RLecturer-MathematicsM.Sc., B. EdDept of Maths
14Muruli B RSenior Lecturer-MathematicsM.Sc., B. EdDept of Maths
15M Bala muruganSenior Lecturer-MathematicsM.Sc., M. Phil,Dept of Maths
16Suma PLecturer-BiologyM.Sc., B. EdDept of Biology
17Kathyayani G VLecturer-BiologyM.Sc., M. Phil,Dept of Biology
18Swapna priya N SLecturer-BiologyM.Sc., M.EdDept of Biology
19Sreekanth SHOD-Computer ScienceMCADept of Computer Science
20Girija B KLecturer-Computer ScienceM.Sc.,Dept of Computer Science
21R Ravi kiranSenior Lecturer-Comp. Sci.MCADept of Computer Science
22Tejaswini ShettyLecturer-Computer ScienceLecturer-Computer ScienceDept of Computer Science
23Manoj M HSenior Lecturer-ElectronicsM.Sc., PGDESDept of Electronics
24Nataraja T RSenior Lecturer- EconomicsM.A., B.Ed.,SLETDept of Economics
25Nizar KLecturer-EconomicsM.ADept of Economics
26Siddramaiah G NSenior Lecturer-CommerceM.ComDept of Accountancy
27Tejaswini GLecturer-CommerceM.Com., (B. Ed)Dept of Accountancy
28Ramegowda B RLecturer-CommerceM.Com, B. Ed.,NET,KSET,KTETDept of Business studies
29Drakshayini D SLecturer-CommerceM.Com, B. EdDept of Business studies
30Manjunath CSenior Lecturer-KannadaM.A., B.Ed.Dept of kannada
31Bhagyalakshmi B HLecturer-KannadaM.A., B.Ed.,Dept of kannada
32Prathibha RSenior Lecturer-EnglishM.A., B.Ed.,Dept of English
33Naveen Kumar SLecturer-EnglishM.A., B.Ed.,Dept of English
34Venkatachala G TSenior Lecturer-SanskritM.A, Vidwath,B.EdDept of Sanskrit
35Vani KVSenior Lecturer- HindiM.A, B.EdDept of Hindi
36Abhishek PPhysical Education DirectorB.Com., M.P.Ed.,Dept of Physical Education
37Shambhavi NPhysical Education DirectorB.A, M.P.Ed.,Dept of Physical Education

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My daughter is studying in II PUC Science stream at VSPU, the college is nourishing her dream to join Medical. The course material which has been provided for NEET and JEE is extremely good, we are happy with the coaching provided by the college.

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