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Problems – No, Actually Opportunities

Positivity is a choice, choose it and see the magic in your life.

When I was a young girl, I was really scared of Mathematics. Its problems were like nightmares to me. To instill confidence in me for this  subject, I didn’t get the right guidance of a Math teacher too. That’s when I understood the role of teachers in the life of students, but Math problems remained problems only.

        But now, as a grown up when I look back I wonder why I didn’t take up these problems as opportunities.  So, as a part of constant self-introspection I have decided to look at problems from a positive perspective.

        Oh gosh! I would rather say, my world has changed for  better, no, wait, a small correction for the ……. best. I think of each problem as an opportunity to outgrow myself. I try to solve it by thinking out of the box. Every time I get an opportunity I prove that I can accomplish amazing things. Accept the problems and create your own opportunities and when opportunity knocks at the door don’t let it go, make complete and the best use of it.

        As a teacher, if I am optimistic and encourage my students to be so, they will imitate me. All of us know that children are great imitators, so I will be giving them something great to imitate. Who knows how many of them will imitate me and become not only positive persons but also great personalities!

        Believe me, looking at the world out there with this perspective will make you an optimistic person. Optimism can only make a person happy. I became doubly sure about this decision of mine when I came across this quote yesterday, 

Never leave you empty. He will replace everything you lost. If he asks you to put something down. It’s because he wants you to pick up something greater….’

I have completely realized the meaning of this quote. So now, instead of being stressed out, I am more cheerful, energetic and optimistic. I chose positivity over negativity. So what’s your choice?

Swapna Deepak
HOD -English

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