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Smartwork Over Hardwork?

From many generations together, the world has been focusing on the concept of hardwork.
There have been many stories that have paid importance to hardwork more prominently than
others. Stepping into the new generation, it has become a need to seem different, but the
concept of hardwork has not changed much over the years.

The focus of any end goal that is to be achieved is depicted through hardwork, it has been
glorified and appreciated by one and all. As a concept I completely agree with it, hardwork
does pay off, the results that comes out through hardwork is definitely satisfactory, there is a
sense of excitement and content when one achieves any result through hardwork!
So, what exactly is SMARTWORK?

The misconception that smartwork does not require any hardwork has to be flipped, the
whole idea of smartwork requires initial hardwork and planning in order to carry it out.
Using resources to its maximum without having to use much of physical as well as mental
exertion is the basic definition of smartwork. The benefits of this work are a lot more than
one can imagine it to be.

Denoting the example of smart work through a short story.

“Once upon a time, a woodcutter approached a timber merchant for a job and he was
appointed for it. The working conditions as well as his pay seemed to be ideal for the
woodcutter which made him work to his best. On the first day he cut about 21 trees.
The boss congratulated the woodcutter on his hardwork and this motivated him to try harder
next day, but he could cut down only 17 trees and on the third day it further reduced to 10
trees, the count of trees being cut down were getting lesser and lesser.
The woodcutter believed that the reason for the drop in his performance was due to his loss
in strength, so he went and apologized to his boss. The boss asked the woodcutter in a calm
tone, as to when was the last time the woodcutter sharpened his axe. The woodcutter replied
that he had never sharpened his axe as he was busy focusing on the maximum number of
trees so he could not find time to do the basic requirement first.
From this example we can declare that sometimes working hard alone will not be enough to
give us success, we would have to work smartly too! Like the woodcutter who had the
qualities of being strong and ambitious, but lacked the right attitude to be successful in his

Concluding the entire concept of hardwork and smartwork we can quote that, “With the right
attitude towards a work, nothing is impossible!”


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