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As part of their ongoing exposure to environmental studies, a field visit was organized for the children of Vidya Soudha Kids, K R Puram branch to the Nandanam Plant Nursery on 22nd July 2022.

The aim of the visit was to broaden their understanding of plant life and how a green environment can benefit living beings on this planet. Children were able to name the different flowers, trees and leaves. They were fascinated to see many of the plants and tree. They got a first-hand experience on how plants are nurtured in the field. The visit was a revalidation of how experiential learning can be used to inculcate in the students respect for nature.

The Children became versed with different parts of plants and their benefits as well. Our toddlers cooperated with each other while acquainting the plants and its parts. With their curiosity kindled, the children spent a productive day filled with excitement of discovery and proximity to nature.

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