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Faculty Development Program was conducted from 17th October to 21st October 2022, among the teaching faculty in our college, seminar hall with a great participation and enthusiasm.

The opening performance was done by The Principal, Dr. Lakshmi Prasanna, on the topic “Essential requirements for a good teacher”. It created a great impact among the lecturer’s mind and got inspired by the words of The Principal where they presented their topics very effectively.

The presentation delivered on various topic such as:

  1. Student centred teaching, Dept. of Physics.
  2. Learning and writing skills utilisation in chemistry, Dept. of Chemistry.
  3. Necessity of language learning in adolescent age, Dept. of Language.
  4. Hormonal and behavioural impacts on adolescent, Dept. of Biology.
  5. Role of teachers in classroom management, Dept. of Commerce & Economics.
  6. Importance of discipline in education, Dept. of Mathematics.
  7. Technology in education, Dept. of Computer science.
  8. Impact of social media on students, Dept. of Business Studies & Statistics.

Lecturer’s shared their day to day facing classroom challenges, discussed about those issues and found some good solutions. FDP was found very useful to enhance their skills in their teaching.

Feedbacks were taken from all the lecturers and non-teaching staffs about the presentation and their chosen content. Principal as well as all lecturers appreciated the great efforts of the Language department and shared their opinion about their team work.

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