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Science Exhibition 2019-20

Our college had organised science exhibition “Avishkar” on 15th Nov 2019 with the splendorous encouragement of our beloved lecturers. Many new things were bloomed up in Avishkar with working models. Students displayed many new inventions, discoveries, role of technology, with fully updated information’s in Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, and Biology. There were about 32 experiments exhibited, highlights of it were Adriano vehicle accident prevention, mechanical peddling lift, hi-fi technology, chemical garden, burning currency, development of zygote, double circulation of heart, sewage treatment, DNA replication and many more. Parents are invited to see our student’s effort towards science exhibition and students explanation about their models principle, future applications, usage of technology about working of it etc.

Science fest had been fun and innovative way to attract students towards scientific knowledge and theory. It has been a means to show that science can also be enjoyed and learnt. This fest has proved to be an excellent way in building up interest towards beauty of science. 

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