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Vidya Soudha Sambrama 2023-24

The Vidya Soudha Group of education celebrated “Vidya Soudha Sambrama” on December 22nd, 2023, at the Hasanambha kalakshetra Hassan, a joint event conducted by Vidya Soudha Kids K.R. Puram, Vidya Soudha Kids Vijayanagar, and Vidya Soudha Public School Vijayanagar.
The event was attended by esteemed members of the Vidya Soudha Group of education, Managing Committee, Principals, Center heads, Staffs, Teachers, Parents, Students and Audience.
The Chief Guest of the day, Dr. Bharathi Rajashekar, gynaecologist from Sahyaadri Hospital Hassan, spoke assertively about the importance of education, maintaining children’s health and food, avoiding mobile addiction, and creating awareness of hygiene.
Our Chairman, Shri Dr. Manje Gowda Sir, emphasized that education is a continuous process that plays a vital role in shaping individuals. He stressed the importance of schools encouraging a balance between academics, cultural activities, and sports activities to promote a wholesome personality of a student and he also spoke about the significance and value of education for everyone, regardless of their background or social status.
The cultural programme was a spectacular showcase of talent, including performances such as Invocation dance, Disco Dance, Yakshagana, Qwali, Mahabharath dance, Kodava and Tulu Fusion, Retro Dance, Patriotic warriors, Super Heroes Dance, etc. The tiny tots stole the show with their mesmerizing performances.

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