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When my daughter got admission in Vidya Soudha Public school I knew that she was very naughty and hyperactive, like any other Parent I thought thiscommon in this generation and thought it will be ok as she grows older, but one day I got a call from the school, teacher saying we want to discuss about Paavani. First I was very scared because I knew she was hyperactive. I went to school teacher (Chaya Maam), she took me to the counsellor (Mrs. Nandini). My heart beat increased, then counsellor started to explain about paavani’s problem and how to overcome from all this issues and suggested some institute which helps. I took her to child development and disabilities center. The first day I was scared seeing other children it’s not easy to go to such place and see other children, followed by counselling. Their experts analysed what is the actual problem with paavani, but didn’t diagnosed with anything. From here the actual bonding between school and myself started. The school staff supported so much they started to give personal attention to Paavani and started keeping track of her activity and whenever asked to discuss about her progress with the therapist. Chaya ma’am was always ready.

Counsellor also supported and whenever I had asked meeting with her, she always motivated which made me to think positively and when the time came when she has to be repeated in the same class even at that time she told me it’s a big thing she is very small and she will become a great child one day with all this support and the next year started. Paavani had improved a lot in her studies, the support from all the staff continued. The Class teacher changed (Rinku maam). I really want to talk about Rinku ma’am she is a very sweet person, always down to earth and she loves children so much. Even all her ladybird students are fond of her. Paavani’s activities were monitored and even her improvements in the academy. Paavani started to change slowly. All thanks to therapist and Vidya Soudha Principal, teachers staff and counsellor. When Paavani started doing well academically I saw the happiness in all the teachers face. My child was never compared with any other children and very important they never treated paavani as a special child. Always Paavani got a lots of love from her teachers.

Today she is able to understand everything what they do in classes and her sitting tolerance also improved immensely. Many times, even I was given special permission to take her early because of her therapy classes. How much ever question I ask them they always answered me patiently.

Vidya Soudha Public School is a school which is uncompilable with any other school. From my personal experience the support, help which I got from this school is lot. I suppose my daughter is a lucky child. The teachers are very caring and loving. Paavani would have not improved without the support of Chaya, Nandini and Rinku Ma’am. I don’t have words to thanks the school administration. May be other school talks about how we give education and we care about our children for advertising purpose but vidya soudha had showed practically how much they care about their children more than anything.

I always observed that Vidya soudha understands their children better than any other. They always make sure that children as to be given something healthy to eat after a field trip or in between any activity. They think like a mother most of the time.

M/O Paavani

Thank you!

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