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It seems like only yesterday when we went to admit our son Pranav to VSPS, two years has flown by so fast & what a wonderful time it has been. We have seen drastic changes in Pranav in this time, he knows so much more & does so many things that I am totally surprised. My parents always keep telling that today’s kids are so lucky to have the opportunity to learn while having fun, compared to our school days of just studies straight from 1st standard.

Vidya Soudha has planned the academics very well, be It books or extracurricular activities. They are the only school to celebrate grandparents’ day & it has instilled great respect for family in students.

Every time we come to meet the teacher, we are given child’s Anecdote record which shows us all things he has done & feel so proud of him. The biggest surprise to me was that even for prep-1/ LKG, proper written examination being conducted and the kids are, doing well in it. I know that some schools don’t have exams till 4th standard & kids find it very hard to cope with it later. Looking at the achievements of higher grade students, we are fully sure that our son will

Exceed all expectations.

Harish Murthy
F/O Pranav Harish Murthy
Prep-1 A, VSPS

Thank you!

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