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The Mahabharata is like a vast ocean from which we can keep on picking pearls of wisdom every time we dive in it. Abhimanyu is one of the most popular characters, who inspires everyone though he emerges on the canvas of Mahabharata for a very brief period; he outshines all the mighty warriors with his prodigious spirit and audacity against the Chakravyuha that was virtually impenetrable.

Most of the students experience high level of anxiety during their examination. For them the word EXAM may set alarm bells as if they are entering Chakravyuha or battlefield. Despite a lot of exam preparations at school or home, our youngsters come under the grip of exam stress.

As the examination, schemes and schedules are already out and our young warriors are on their toes to excel in the exams, here are some workable strategies that may help to display their tenacity to �Break �N� Smash� the exam barriers.

Revise rather than cram -It is said that the great warrior Karna lost the knowledge of all the weapons at that time when it was required the most in Kurukshetra war. Most of the students definitely undergo this type of mind blank experience. we tend to forget nearly 70 percent of what was studied after a day as human brain can remember the topics for certain period of time. Constantly revising a topic after every two days, then after a week may help you to remember major portions of the subject.

Be committed -“Ek bar jo maine commitment kar di, phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta!” famous words by Salman Khan. Promise yourself that you will stay away from distractions and laziness.

Taking break for 30 minutes after studying for two hours will help your brain to consolidate what you have just studied or revised. I am sure everyone will be familiar with the story of Arjuna winning archery contest; how he could see nothing but the eye of the bird and hit his target. Students should have that razor-sharp focus and determination.

Be strict -Have a digital detox stay away from the television, mobile, Facebook, Instagram, IPL 20 -20, World cup etc. all these things can wait for you, or you can catchup with them later during your break time. (make sure you come back from short breaks; if you are not able to come by yourself seek help from one of your family members to remind you to get back to your study time) You might have spent good time enjoying so far, now you need to be strict with your laziness.

Build strategy- Be organized, allocate adequate time for each subject. Give little more time for the subjects, which are difficult for you. In Mahabharata, the Pandavas won the battle mainly because of proper organizing skills and strategies.

Review your past performance -As Rightly said learning from success is important but learning from failure is vital to succeeding. Where you have lost the score in previous examination review and work on it. Have a positive thinking approach say to yourself �I am preparing well now. So, I will be able to do well in the examination.� This realistic assumption will assist your brain and can reduce anxiety.

Eat well and sleep well -Be like Bhima from Mahabharata, eat quality food, whole meal breads, nuts, fruits, lot of vegetables etc. Your brain requires energy and also it needs rest so eat little and often. Drink plenty of water keep yourself hydrated, go for fresh juice and stay away from coke, aerated or energy drinks.

Plan your revision -Ekalavya a renowned archer from Mahabharata mastered his skills by constantly revising, focusing and dedicating time for practicing archery. Keeping a plenty of time for revision will help a lot, restructuring and condensing notes and essays, focusing on essential materials, planning answer outlines will not only help to save time but also it helps to succeed in getting good results. Sitting and reading for long periods can be exhausting, taking breaks can help to relax an freshen up the mind. Activities like regular exercise, swimming, jogging, yoga, meditation etc. will help a lot to Relax your mind. While studying if you are not clear with the topic seek help from your teachers, elders. do not memorize, try to understand the topic. Anyone can excel like Ekalavya, if they set goals and at the end of the day, assess these goals.

We still remember all the great warriors from the Mahabharata as they were all winners and winners never quit. Have that never give up attitude and always approach everything with �I CAN� attitude.

I hope that these tips will be helpful for our young warriors in achieving goals set for life ahead.

All the best!!!

Article by

Pradeep J Aithal
Senior Art teacher

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