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Simple but life-changing tips to equip your kid with the right skills


Are present day children according to the above quote? Do they know how to live? No, I don’t think so.  They are just pampered to the core. When we look at the present-day children, for a moment we feel envious of them, don’t we? Today’s children are fortunate enough to have so many facilities at their beck and call. But, wait a minute, did I call them fortunate, no I don’t think they are the lucky ones.

Today’s education system is too demanding, so it takes away their freedom. The education system during their parent’s time was much more relaxed and composed. The knowledge that these kids acquire is precious but it comes at a cost. That cost is not only their freedom but their health too. When I talk about their health, I mean obesity, eyesight etc. The ecstasy that we enjoyed while playing hide and seek, kabaddi, hopscotch with our friends is being missed by the tech-savvy kids of this generation. What is added instead is the health issues aforementioned.

They lack so many skills like societal skills, intrapersonal skills to name a few. Not to forget about the virtuous human qualities such as patience, obedience, dedication etc. Children lack these qualities. Take a simple, everyday situation like watching television. Kids have lost patience to watch one particular programme, when they have too many lined up. The joy that we cherished as kids when we watched one particular programme in DD National channel after a week long waiting was unfathomable, indescribable. Today’s children don’t understand ‘’Patience is the sweetest fruit, if you have it. ‘’

Then how can we teach these things to our kids?

There are very simple yet life-changing tips to be followed like,

  • Giving quality time to them, listening to their routine at school and a simple hug can make their day cherishable.  
  • Make them read moral stories, if they are shown the right path, they will be treading it. You are showing them that way through moral stories.
  • Don’t give in to all their demands. Say ‘NO’ firmly to certain demands.
  • A STRICT NO to mobile phones.
  •  A healthy body has a healthy soul. So, they should be sensitised to stay away from junk food yet, a sensible indulgence can be allowed.

 If we follow these tips then why can’t we see a much brighter young generation ready to shoulder the huge responsibility of taking out INDIA to greater heights?

 –Swapna Deepak
  English Teacher

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