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Uncertain Times: It’s time to preserve and protect our Mother Earth

Yes. You are right. Every single individual on the earth now has this question popping up in his/her mind.

The lockdown period of this year 2020 has brought to the senses of the people about the uncertainties of life all of a sudden. How well are we prepared for this? Every sector of the economy has been jolted out because of this Corona virus. It’s just like every time you read the newspaper, watch the news on television, call your friend, what’s app message and every second of your life seems to be chanting the mantra ‘corona corona’.

Our day starts with it and ends with it. Rather we have lost track of what is day and what is night sitting at home. We are also haunted by the thought as to when and how will it end. There are the frontline warriors of a different nature that we have come across for the first time who are fighting not with missiles and guns but with masks and PPE’s. What kind of an armour do we have to protect ourselves? The finely defined safety norms have been thrown to the wind by many of the multitudes. Then how do we protect ourselves?

On the one hand governments are trying to do their best to tackle the situation but on the other hand some are trying to politicise such disastrous times for self -inflicted gains and greed. I am not supporting any political party/parties. But people have to understand that ground realities are different from just saying things. It is the mutual support and confidence that is needed at this time of the hour. We should shun away all social stigma and personal interest and focus on collective improvements.

Each of us have our own perspective, but somewhere there is a common line of agreement. The only way is to live with it as said by the health experts but to ensure about taking precautions. Pray, meditate, relax, enjoy every moment of the life to feel good and make others feel good.

Even the Mother Earth seems to be answering us saying “ what you have given to me has come back to you.” For some time she felt that the wounds oozing out from her body have been experiencing a healing touch but alas! The time was too short for her to even feel that soothing effect as the human realization bubbled away bringing it back to the normalcy.

Do we really have time for nature? The belonging towards nature wherein we should treat her like our own baby, nurturing her and feeling that sense of happiness in this process. NATURE IS TIME AND TIME IS NATURE. How important it is to register this in our minds is a very significant matter. The love and care that we bestow on her makes her bountiful & beautiful with every hue in resplendence. I am sure each one of us has felt happy seeing nature’s response of elation during the lockdown. Only humans were locked and other living creatures were enjoying the freedom.

Nature has sent us a message through this pandemic to awaken our souls towards the realization of tampering with nature and understand its value. So, what are you waiting for? There is no second chance. Let us all pledge wholeheartedly to combine our efforts selflessly in preserving and protecting our dear MOTHER EARTH and saving humanity as well.

VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM has been and should be our mantra.


Vidya Soudha Public School
Peenya, Bengaluru.

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