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parenting tips: developing hobby in children

Parenting Tips: How to help your child choose & develop a hobby

In today’s scenario, technology-driven kids are mostly glued to their e-gadgets all day long and we are making this even worse by providing them with online classes and assignments as this is the mantra of the day. Therefore, it is very important that you must encourage them to pick up a hobby that will expose them to outdoor activities, help them to connect with nature, and give them an opportunity to bring out their interests, creativity and talents. Here are some parenting tips for developing hobbies in children.

Why is it important to help children develop their hobbies?

  1. Hobbies help to mould child’s emotions, temperament, identity, to some extent nature too, on the whole, it can shape the personality of a child so that he/she can become an all-rounder.
  2. Developing and engaging in hobbies help children in developing concentration & thinking skills.
  3. Hobbies also help to build values like the setting of goals, working towards it and enjoying its accomplishment, problem solving skills, compassion, patience, positivity and many more.
  4. Developing hobbies also help kids to express themselves and it also builds their self-esteem.
  5. All these will help them to achieve good academic standards too.

How can you help your child to choose and develop a hobby?

  1. Your child is a replica of you. They keenly observe and learn to follow you. Hence it is very important for you to generate his/her interest by setting an example.
  2. You can start by engaging him in a hobby that you have developed.
  3. If you are creative and having fun in any of the activities, it is very natural that you child will definitely develop an interest in it. But be careful, if he/she does not find it interesting, never ever force him/her into it.
  4. See to it that the hobby or the activity is easy for the child’s age level.
  5. Later try out new hobbies and observe carefully in what your child is enjoying without your pushing him/her and then encourage him/her to develop it.

Here are a list of hobbies that you can engage your child in and help him/her to develop them:

  1. For Nature loving kids: collection of leaves, twigs, stones, observing different types of plants, trees, flowers, insects, weather, etc. Parents can encourage to observe, photograph and make a record of them.
  2.  For kids who love physical activities: dancing, cycling, walking, jogging, cricket, football, or any other sport. Parents can encourage by engaging them in any of the sport activity, show them the famous players and talk about their stories.
  3. For children who are interested in indoor activities: There are plethora of activities like creating own stories, art, craft, painting, paper art, drama, recycling and reusing of waste items, cooking,  simple science experiments, magic shows, etc. Parents can encourage by showing them works of great artists, tell them their success stories and involve them in such activities and record by filing the activities made by them.
  4. Other than the above there are many more hobbies like collection of stamps, photographs, coins, antique collections, etc. Parents can take kids to museums, art galleries, public libraries to show books.
  5. There are reading, writing, love towards a particular music, instruments and many more.

Tips for parents:

  • Always encourage your child to develop a new activity.
  • Never rush or force your child into developing any hobbies.
  • Always motivate your child to have patience while he is experimenting any of the activities.
  • If he/she fails in achieving the goals of the activities, never criticize.
  • Tell him/her that it is fine to fail and to try again.


By this I hope that you are ready to help your child to develop any of the new hobbies.

Happy Parenting!!!!

Warm Regards,

Mrs. Uma Pratap
Group Academic Advisor, Preparatory
Vidya Soudha Public School

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