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Adaptability is the new norm in the pandemic

Be willing to change, because life won’t be the same.

We all are embracing the way the life has changed today without any options. Aren’t we? The coronavirus pandemic has triggered fears in the minds of the young and old multifold.  The focal point is education and kids, and everyone feels that a great transformation has taken place.

It is not just education but every other sector is impacted too. But why the worry and the fear? Millions of children around the globe are not suffering the loss of learning. It is the teachers who are suffering the loss of teaching – the loss of hugging their students, the loss of patting on their backs, their pranks which would send peals of laughter in the classroom, their lunch breaks, their P.E. classes ………

But children are happily enjoying the learning on the gadgets, waiting eagerly for their teacher to appear on the screen. They are happy playing games at home, reading books, helping parents, relishing fresh meals and snacks, watching their favourite channel or programme.

Let the children learn the values of being with the family. Let parents make a consensus effort in grooming their kids which has been given to them now. Let them understand their kids likes and dislikes. Don’t bother about screen time. Weren’t they introduced to this screen time by their parents when they were as young as two years old. Then why blame the online teaching now. Parents have facilitated this means for learning and teachers are exploring how to make teaching more interesting and interactive. We should realise that in this paradigm, it is imperative that the role of a teacher has become more empowered to make each child realize his or her potential and joy in life.

Whether it is offline or online, the teachers’ role cannot be substituted and technology can only be a platform for learning and it cannot be the teacher.

Hence, let us adapt to the new norm of learning through various platforms ensuring that kids enjoy every moment of it. Every teacher is striving hard to give the best to your kids.

Let us collaborate and ensure to utilise the time in constructive deliverance.

Vidya Soudha Public School

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