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I was excited when I saw the pamphlet in my son’s diary because I wanted to know everything about this course as I was a mother of a toddler. Children live in a world of imagination and I wanted to explore a little about being in their shoes.

The development of a child at every stage is very important as they reach their milestones. It has helped me in understanding my own child, I have learnt what steps I can take when my child gets angry or when he cries or when he needs something that is not suitable for him. I know shouting at him will not help the situation. Initially when I would say “No” or “Dont” to my child he would do the same thing but now instead of using No or dont I try and use “can we do it this way”, or ” This color will be better ” which has also changed the situation into a positive one.

To fully understand what a child is thinking is very difficult but the subject Psychology of a child is a very important one to understand the behavior of a child. I feel this one has benefited me a lot as I was a person with zero level of patience. Initially when I would come home from work I would get irritated with little things , it was not an easy process to master patience and it takes a lot of time, but I am definitely a better person now and this has made my relationship more positive and energy filled with my child. Understanding the way a child expresses his/her thoughts is much easier now.

A wonderful learning experience for me, it is positively helping me to being a good parent and bring up a beautiful child. I would recommend the course as it has helped me personally as well as the art of listening and talking to the innocent ones.

- Jincy Jose

1st batch student.

VSSE not only made me fulfil my dreams of becoming a teacher, but it also made me a fine teacher with latest teaching methodologies. I can confidently handle a class now.

- Mrs. Mimamsha vyas


The Integrated course has helped me to learn all the subjects of both the NTT and Montessori. After completion of this course at VSSE, I felt that if we combine both into the curriculum, we can take care of all the needs of the developments of Preschool children.

- Mrs. Chaitra Basavaraj


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