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Colours Carnival-2019

One of the flagship events of VSPS Preparatory “Colours Carnival” was conducted on Saturday 7th of September, 2019. It was a successful program by the presence of parents and the dignitaries who attended sparing their valuable time.

Significance of various hues was portrayed by the tiny tots of preparatory with the colourful props and dresses. The kids were filled with enthusiasm and earnest desire to portray and present themselves in the character they were playing. It was a colourful fiesta of butterflies, rainbow, flowers, dance forms of nature and colourful emotions presented through various dance forms related to the theme.

The dedicated team of teachers put their heart and soul in preparing these children for the wonderful day. Anchoring by these lovely kids is a testimony of their speaking skill which was highly appreciated by the guests and the parents.

The speeches of the chiefguest Mrs. Sowmya Devan, chairman Dr. Manje Gowda and other dignitaries was full of praise for the efforts put in by the entire team. Program ended well with every one carrying indelible memories of the event.

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