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Rules and Regulations

It is mandatory for each student to wear the school uniform prescribed for each working day of the week according to the table given below:


Monday to FridayRed T-Shirt & Dark blue Shorts/SkortBlackBlack


Monday, Tuesday,Orange T- Shirt & Dark blue shorts/skortBlackBlack
Thursday & FridayHouse UniformWhiteWhite


Monday, Tuesday,Thursday & FridayWhite shirt with navy blue stripes, navy blue pant/skirt & tieBlackBlack
WednesdayHouse UniformWhiteWhite
  • Grade 6 to 10 will wear Blazers only on Monday & Thursday.

  • Students must be attired in neat & clean uniform, socks and well -polished shoes.

  • Students are allowed to wear color dresses on special celebration days about which parents will be notified.

They can wear traditional Indian or formal western wear on their birthdays, following a proper dress code.

Preparatory8.40 am to 1.00 pmMonday to Friday (Saturday holiday)
Grade 1 to 1008 :00 am to 03:00 pmMonday to Friday (2nd & 4th Saturday- holiday)

In case of unavoidable circumstances like bandh etc., with prior information, few Saturdays will be working.

  • A student must carry his/her Almanac to school every day with his/her photograph duly pasted and the identity information duly complete and signed by parents.

  • Students should be clean and neatly dressed. The school uniform is to be worn everyday and for all school functions. They must wear Identity Card every day.

  • Boys are not permitted to: Have long side burns, long hair, streaked hair and fancy hair styles. Wear bands/bracelets Grow their beard, moustache

  • Girls are not permitted to: Have fancy hair styles or shoulder length, long hair left open. Wear gold earrings, bangles and chains, colourful and fancy jewellary, long earrings. Adorn hair with flowers or colourful clips, paint their nails.


  • It is compulsory for all students to attend the Morning Assembly at 8.00 am. Late comers will not be entertained. The school gates will be closed at 8.05 am.

  • All students are expected to be regular and punctual in all activities of the school.

  • All students are expected to behave with utmost dignity and maintain discipline during school hours.

  • All leaves other than for sudden illness must have prior permission of the Principal.

  • No leave will be granted to students on any of the days when there are important school functions and national festivals.

  • Almanac must be brought to school every day, duly signed by the parents/guardian.

  • Each student is responsible for his/her own belongings. Care must be taken to label all materials sent to school. Before leaving the classroom, each child must check if he/she has picked up all the belongings. If a child has lost any articles in school, it must be brought to the notice of the class teacher immediately. If reported late, she will not be able to help.

  • No students may leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.

  • Vandalizing school property, scribbling on walls & furniture, bringing Tabs, Ipads, videogames, cell phones and any other electronic devices or toys to school is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Students have to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations of the school, failing which; they are liable for suspension or expulsion.

  • Parents can meet the class or subject teachers on days mentioned under visiting hours in the school diary.

  • We value your feedback and would like to be your partners in charting your wards progress. We therefore encourage you to attend all the PTMs regularly, clarify doubts, give feedback and express grievances (if any).

  • Teachers at VSPS are approachable and are here to guide the students at all times.

  • If a student is absent due to illness, the class teacher must be notified immediately and a medical certificate should be sent along with the child when he comes back to school.

  • Any loss or damage to the school property caused by the student be made good by their parents/guardians.

  • A minimum of 85% attendance for each term is compulsory. Reason for any absence must be explained in a leave letter signed by the parents and an entry must be made in the leave record page in the diary with parents signature. For absence of three or more days, Principals permission must be taken. Medical certificate must be produced for sick leave.

  • Please send fresh, healthy & nutritious food for short break & lunch break in separate and hygienic boxes with a clean napkin and proper spoon/fork. Junk food and non-vegetarian food are not allowed in school.

  • ID cards will be issued to parents. Children will be sent along with parent/guardian only if the ID card is produced. In any other exception, they must prior inform the office regarding the child pick up.

  • Parents must not call any teacher or van drivers for any matter concerning their children. They must call only the school office.

  • Parents must not make any kind of demands or requests to give special or lead roles to their children in any school activity. No child will be given a chance to perform solo as per the parents request. Selection of students to do any activity will be done in a fair manner considering only the suitability & talent and only the teacher in charge and the Principal will take decisions in these matters.

  • Students will not be held back in the school after school hours or sent home earlier without informing the parents through yearbook or a Circular. Parents must verify it from the office immediately if any student reaches home late or early, when there is no such message or circular.

  • Parents must plan their summer vacation accordingly if their ward has been referred for Bridge Course.

    Parents are requested to go through the Internal assessment Timetable carefully and plan their holidays. If any changes are there in the timetable they will be informed prior.

    Children should not be sent to school when they have fever or other physical ailments even during tests or examinations. Students who are having fever and are sent to attend the exam will not be encouraged and will not be allowed to sit for the exam next day too.

    Under any circumstances, re-examinations will not be conducted for any student.

Any late payment of Fees will attract a fine of Rs. 25/- per day up to a maximum period of one month beyond which the name of the pupil will be removed from the rolls. For late payment of Transportation Fees, a fine of Rs. 25/- per day up to a maximum period of one month will be charged and after that, the Transportation facility will be withdrawn. These rules have been made to ensure the smooth functioning of the school and the parents are expected to abide by these.

In an effort to achieve effective learning, we use periodic Assessments and Examinations for continuous and comprehensive evaluation. We have regular parent teacher meetings to give the feedback and discuss any other issues pertaining to the progress of the pupils. We request parents not to miss such sessions with teachers because on these days the teachers spend time exclusively for interaction with parents without disturbing the routine teaching work. If parents have to miss the parent – teacher meetings and result days (under extreme conditions), they can contact the office ( or e-mail to the Class Teacher or the Principal) and submit a letter requesting to fix an appointment with the Class Teacher on another day ( Monday to Friday from 3.30 pm to 4 pm ) within the next ten days. This is just an effort to make all parents to follow the progress of their children. But, we request parents to avoid such special arrangements and use it only under unavoidable circumstances. We expect all the parents to go through their childs answer papers and other activities for all Assessments and Examinations and discuss what measures have to be taken for an improvement.

We value the close working relationship with parents and there are many opportunities for parents to meet teachers. We look forward for valuable guidance and whole hearted co-operation from the parents in taking our school to better heights. Orientation programmes and regular Parents-Teachers meetings will give parents enough opportunities to interact with teachers, clarify their doubts, give suggestions and express their grievances (if any). Parents can help us by taking a regular close interest in their childs work, helping if necessary and encouraging good study habits. We expect parents support in maintaining a disciplined environment in the school.

We aim to foster self- discipline, encouraging students to take responsibility for their own actions, through a disciplinary system, which is firm yet, fair. We expect good behaviour both within the school and on the journey to and from school. We expect students to show tolerance, consideration and respect for others. We expect them to be punctual, to work hard and allow others to do likewise. The school is divided into four houses and each house has junior and senior prefects who constantly monitor the attitude, behaviour and mannerisms.

Fee Deposit Policy for New Students

InstalmentLast Date

Admission charges at the time of admission

First10th April
Second10th September
Third10th December

Fee Deposit Policy for Promoted Students

InstalmentLast Date
First10th June
Second10th September
Third10th December

Transport Fee: (New students and Promoted students)

InstalmentLast Date
First10th June
Second10th September
  • The transport fee is graded and will vary from point to point depending on the Kms.

  • The school does not take the responsibility for the loss of lunchbox, school bag or any article. So we encourage you to label articles so that it is easy for us to find it.

  • When there is a change in residence, the school has every right to discontinue the transport facility to the student using it, if the pickup point does not fall within the reach of the regular route followed.

  • Advanced information of change in residential address to be forwarded to school office.

  • Last Date for the submission of Transport Form is 25th May. If applied after May 25th transportation will be provided subject to the availability of seat in their Bus Route.

  • The attendant/escort for your child at the bus stop should be fixed and identifiable by your child. The escort must carry letter/photo, which can be produced on demand.

  • The driver has the instructions to wait for only 2 minutes dropping your child home. In case there is no pick up, the child will be brought back to the school and the parents would have to collect from the school on their own.

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