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Nutrition Day

Nutrition is the science or practice of consuming and utilizing foods. A balanced diet is important for good health and well-being. People should include a healthy diet in their daily routine like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, milk, etc. full of nutrition which not only helps in growth but also makes the immune system strong.
It is very well known to us all that Nutrition plays a very important role in our life. Eating healthy food fills your body with energy and nutrients.

Nutrition is just not about eating; it’s about learning to live.

At VSPS to understand the value of nutrients a Nutrition Day Competition was conducted and students actively took part in the competition.

Principal Mrs Padmashree Ma’am visited all the classes and encouraged and listened to the students spoke about it.  

Grade-1 Fancy dress- dress up as any healthy food and talk about it.

Grade-1 students were dressed up as different fruits and vegetables and the spoke about it.

Grade-2 My Healthy Plate

Grade-2 students got different kind of plates, stuck pictures of vegetables, fruits, grains some even drew and coloured them, they spoke about it in few sentences.

 Grade 3: Cooking Without Fire- The competition was conducted with a view to create awareness about the nutritional value of food cooked without flame

Grade 4: My Plate Champion

Good nutrition and balanced diet help kids grow up healthy. The kids made ‘Healthy Eating Plates’ which was a visual guide to help educate and encourage everyone to eat healthy.

Grade-5: Extempore- Related to Healthy Food Habits

Children took part actively in the activity and showcased their talent by speaking spontaneously, unscripted about healthy food habits and its nutritional values.

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