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Teachers training programmes at VSPS

Who dares to teach, must never cease to learn’ – John Cotton Dana 

For teachers – As teaching is continuous, so is the learning process. Even though a well planned curriculum is in its place, continuous observations have to be recorded to cope with the changing trends and advanced technologies. Scope of improvement with the latest teaching methodologies is the need of the hour. The National Curriculum Framework 2005 says, ‘An in-service education and training of teachers can play a significant role in the professional growth of teachers and function as an agent of change in school-related practices.’ 

At VSPSKIDS, periodic training sessions are held for the teachers to set themselves along with a major paradigm shift in the field of education.

The training always focuses on the following topics:

  1. Improving reading skills: It has been observed that just reading from the text books is not enough to improve the reading skills. Preparatory students who are the early readers, who are just beginning to develop their reading skills, must be introduced to reading with various fun and engaging techniques. Time to time new techniques of reading is introduced to the teachers.
  2. Social development: Events, festivals and celebrations contribute to the social development in the children. Various activities to celebrate are discussed and planned during these training sessions.
  3. Significance of holisitic development: New ideas for the holistic development which includes physical, social, emotional, art and cognitive development are brain stormed and new and unique cross-curricular activities are discussed and implemented. 
  4. Time management: The sessions include the time management techniques to cover and conduct all the above mentioned activities effectively within the given time and to bring out the best in the students.
  5. Motivation: Sessions on how to manage and balance house and school  work life are included.
  6. Other topics like: Teachers are introduced and enhanced about  various activities related to Multiple intelligences, learning styles, importance and ways of storytelling, classroom management, Literacy skills, numerical skills, art, theatre, Montessori, puppetry, sand play, clay modeling, music, etc.

With the regular training sessions Vidya Soudha group of Institutions has carved a niche in laying a strong foundation for students and a happy working environment to the teachers.

-Mrs. Uma Pratap

Group Academic Advisor, Preparatory

Vidya Soudha Group of Institutions

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