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VSPS children watch “Gandhada Gudi” movie on Children’s day

“Childhood is all about being silly, wild, having loads of fun and enjoying a carefree life.”

To make the CHILDREN’S DAY special for the children of VSPS, they were taken to the most special movie of the time, “GANDHADA GUDI”. this movie was chosen as flora and fauna of our Karnataka is captured beautifully. There is also a strong message of saving our environment and the forests which is the dire need for us and our future generations to learn and act humane. Children enjoyed thoroughly right from boarding the bus, singing, identifying the buildings, logos, names of various things while travelling to the Orion mall, going in the lift, occupying the seats in the PVR, watching every bit of the movie, screaming and expressing their excitement whenever they saw the animals and birds, the most awaited popcorn with juice till they returned back to their classes and sharing their experiences with their teachers.

The fun filled day continued with, them visiting the book fair specially organized for them for the children’s day. Totally CHILDREN’S DAY was a well spent and a meaningful day for all the VSPS children.

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