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Rules and Regulations

  1. All students are required to be punctual and regular to their classes.
  2. When a student has been absent from college on account of unforeseen circumstances, a note of excuse must be presented to the Class Teacher.
  3. Internal Tests and exams will be held periodically for each class and performance of the students will be discussed with the parent/guardian during the counseling
    Attendance of students and parents is compulsory for the above.
  4. Students who do not satisfy progress in the course of the year may not be permitted to take the Board Examination or University Examination.
  5. All students admitted will be issued identity cards after admission. Students are advised to carry their identity cards with them which should be produced whenever demanded by any staff member or the respective laboratories.
  6. Students are advised not to indulge in damaging the College property. In the event of any such damage, it shall be made good by imposing general fine on all students proportionate to the damage caused.
  7. Hall tickets for examination will not be issued to the students if they fail to return the books borrowed by them from the library.
  8. The principal and the College administration have every right to inform the shortage of attendance and misbehavior of student to their parents/guardians. Students having less than 7S% attendance will not be eligible to take up the examination.
  9. Parents / Guardians are requested to contact the concerned Class teachers periodically to know about the conduct, progress and attendance of their wards.
  10. All students are instructed to follow uniform dress code.

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