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Extra-Curricular Activities

Vidya Soudha Public School provides students a wide range of extracurricular activities and an opportunity for the fullest development as a whole person. Student life at VSPS is enriched with a variety of activities which help them to develop academically, spiritually, emotionally, morally, socially and physically.

The school offers facilities for cricket, football, basketball, skating, tennis, swimming, cricket and athletics in the sports arena. Yoga and Karate is also included in the curriculum itself.

The school is divided into four Houses named after some of the brightest stars in the universe. The house system is to promote a keen sense of loyalty and competition among the students.

House NameHouse Colour

“There are two types of education that teaches us how to make a living and how to live”.

Every activity in school life plays a significant role in development of students. Among them, CCA is a compulsory activity which is important for every student to participate. It is designed and balanced with academic curriculum, so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects.

It helps in overall development of a child, gives relief from the monotonous classroom reading and writing and sets a platform to secure one’s future, both professionally and socially. Their participation in various CCA like games, debates, skit, dance, drama, karate develops analytical skills, team spirit and leadership qualities.

Student’s participation in various cultural programmes helps them in socializing, self-identification and self-assessment.

We have taken initiative to introduce various activities. Competitions have been conducted in colouring and drawing, story narration, declamation (speech of famous personalities) poem recitation, inter house Kannada quiz competition, subject wise quiz competition, (Handwriting) calligraphy competition, Rangoli Competition, Kannada folk song competition, clay modeling etc. It has inculcated in them a sense of belongingness and responsibility. Children prepare their own craftwork, drawing, clay modelling and get appreciated in the assembly. These activities have developed a keen interest in the students to learn more and exhibit their talent. There is an equal opportunity for every child to showcase his/her inherent talent.

The school also celebrates Annual Day and Sports Day to enhance their talent and skills respectively. Therefore, we give equal importance to both curricular and co-curricular activities. The best aspect of co-curricular activity at school is that they are part of academics and makes teaching and learning experience exciting, for both students and teachers. Therefore, co-curricular activities along with academics is essential for every student.

Art and craft as a subject in the school curriculum, is typically with pencils, helps strengthen muscles and improve their control. Through art and craft, children learn to value and appreciate artifacts and images across cultures and times. Experience in design, art and craft enable them to reflect critically on their own work and those by others. They learn to act and think like designers and artists, working intelligently and creatively.

Art and craft describes a wide variety of activities involving making things with one’s own hands. Art and Craft is usually a hobby .Both children and adults enjoy equally. Children in schools learn skills such as wood carving, sewing, painting and colouring.

When children get a chance to express their creativity and dive into art, they develop confidence, increase their empathy and discover hope to look at the world from different perspectives. All those skills help prepare students to take on the world with passion and creativity.

Development of fine motor skills:
Most arts and crafts project and involve moving of hands and fingers, thus helps to:

  • Increase Dexterity
  • Improve Hand-Eye Co-ordination
  • Boosts self esteem
  • Encourages self-expression
  • Helps to socialize
  • Promotes innovation and creativity
  • Enhance decision making skills.

Therefore, Art education which has its roots in drawing and colouring, enhances colour concepts, accuracy and concentration. The students at V.S.P.S. have demonstrated their skill by making greeting cards for Teachers Day and other National festivals. They also made Kannada letters with the help of clay and dough, which speaks about the fine motor skills. Students are also taught finger print, vegetable print to develop creativity.

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