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VSPS Clubs

We understand that the energy of our young students needs to be channelized and that personality enhancement and confidence building are important facets of schooling. Our extensive co-curricular program is built to take into account talent and interest in different disciplines: sports, music, dance, aesthetics etc. A variety of clubs are functional in VSPS.

Picassos Art Club

The club helps students to grab an opportunity to engage in Art-making and Art-appreciation activities outside of the art classroom through the club activities. Picassos club is dedicated to nurture the internal creative development of all students through a focus on critical thinking and aesthetic understanding. Thus, students are given an opportunity to recognize and reinforce their talents in Art.

Shakespeares English Club

The club gives students of all ages a place for expression and exploring creative pursuits. Good communication skills are essential in leading, managing and working with others. Public speaking is a very important part of our communication skills. This club will deal with how to speak effectively and confidently in different public forums. Dramatics helps children to conquer stage fear, enact confidently and enunciate properly. It also helps in developing proper body language and use correct gestures. Besides, children have lots of fun while expressing on the stage.

Sports & Karate Club

An effective physical training session serves as a constructive tool to build physical stamina, energy and instructional based workouts. Keeping this in mind Karate and many other activities related to sports and games are organised to keep the mind and the body fit. Karate helps the child not only to be able to defend him/her self but also prepare the child to face the future with discipline and confidence.

Opera Music Club

The club spreads the popularity of music by encouraging children to be exposed to the finer nuances of a variety of musical sounds and rhythms. Each child is encouraged to sing, play and participate in a range of music related activities to discover the “magic of music” and the “musician” within themselves.

Media Club

The Club provides opportunities for the students to identify and develop their media skills so that students will learn to think creatively and explore the advantages and disadvantages of communicating through traditional and new media. The Club not just trains students in Photography & Journalism but special focus is given to Animation and Photoshop. Equipped with these skills, the students are largely involved in archiving and reporting the school events. These experiences will enable the students to exhibit the values of Excellence, Perseverance and Teamwork.

Eureka! Science Club

The Club will explore a range of fun activities in Chemistry, Biology and Physics. Participants will be able to work individually, in pairs, or with the entire group. The objective is to explore different walks of science through quizzes, extempore, exhibition, field trips etc. that helps to open-up the scientific minds.

Kasturi Kannada Club

The Club engages in activities that promote the state language and Kannada literature. In order to create a good taste for the traditional arts among the students, the club arranges creative writing, public speaking, poster competition, quiz, dance, drama and much more especially during the Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations.

Algebra Math Club

To impart a challenging and enriching experience in mathematics from beyond the school curriculum. This Club therefore, strives to promote interest and achievement in the field of Mathematics and also helps to develops the students attention and creativity. Each problem-based activity promotes exploration and interesting discoveries, often with a hands-on approach, interactive games, quizzes, model making, exhibitions and much more.

Synergy Dance Club

The Club organizes different dance activities of different forms to incorporate a dancing sense among the student community. It provides a structured dance experience where students increase their physical awareness, strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance by being introduced to basic elements of different dance forms. Regular dance competitions also organized by the club to improve the interest on Dance.

Heritage Club

The Club focuses on the development of the personality of students through community service. Students are motivated to help the world around them in various ways, ranging from participation in diverse groups that advocate education, welfare and civic responsibility, to charitable causes and other philanthropic activities. Hence their activities cover a wide range of areas, such as environment conservation, health and family welfare, visit to schools, hospitals, orphanages etc., training programmes, guest lectures and some challenging competitions.

‘Wi-fi’ Computer Club

The Club engages students to learn the dynamics of a computer and use it for Higher Learning and Technical Skill development. Various competitions that require computer skills are conducted by the club, such as cartoon drawing, chart making, quiz on computers, collage, presentations etc.

Utkarsh Hindi Club

The Club is started with a vision to promote our Indian culture and to strengthen the bond of HINDI language within the young minds. Students are encouraged to speak exclusively in Hindi during the Hindi Diwas programme. Students participate in short stand-up presentations, debates, poem recital, singing and storytelling to increase their comfort level with Hindi communication.

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